Financing ICT R&D

Seeing the opportunity for our future

Over the last several years, Prompt identified and championed green ICT as a significant opportunity for the ICT industry, as well as the many sectors it supports.

Green ICT opportunity:
• New sustainable economy
• US$1.9 trillion in potential energy and fuel savings
• Potential to reduce carbon emissions by nine gigatonnes
• Opportunity to eliminate 16.5% of worldwide GHG emissions

As part of the 2010-2013 Québec Research and Innovation Strategy (QRIS), the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MDEIE) selected Prompt, Québec’s ICT R&D consortium, to coordinate the first major green ICT project of its kind in Québec: Equation.

Equation, the first major green ICT project

Prompt and the six multinational industry partners leading this project applaud the Government of Québec for taking action on this tremendous economic and environmental opportunity for the ICT sector, users and the people of Québec.  Highly strategic, this collaborative project holds even greater potential for Québec as a jurisdiction rich in renewable and clean energy.

Green ICTs represent an important weapon in the fight against climate change.  These ubiquitous technologies also serve as a foundation on which to build the interconnected digital economy of the future.  In this new economy, digital networking and ICTs will enable us to communicate, collaborate and acquire information in novel ways.

Green ICT creates an unparalleled economic and environmental opportunity.  Equation is helping Québec to seize this opportunity.

Project objectives

Equation is a novel private-public R&D partnership that aims to develop and apply energy-efficient green ICT solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.  Valued at $70 million, the Equation Project brings together $30 million from the province of Québec and $40 million from six multinational companies selected by the Government of Québec. These include: CGI, Ericsson, Fujitsu Canada, IBM Canada, Miranda Technologies and Teledyne DALSA.

Working in close collaboration with Québec researchers, entrepreneurs and SMEs, these firms aim to develop and commercialize energy-efficient green ICT solutions.  These include telco clouds, smart grids and environmentally friendly ICT-based manufacturing processes and systems.  These industry-academic teams will leverage Québec’s world-class expertise in microelectronics, photonics, wireless technologies, computing services and telecommunications.  The resulting products will help to grow Québec exports, further strengthening our local economy and increasing the competitiveness of our province.  When applied, they will also help to cultivate a more sustainable environment, and develop an interconnected digital 21st century society for the people of Québec.

By pooling the expertise, capabilities and resources of multinational companies, entrepreneurs, SMEs, academic researchers and government, Québec has established a winning innovation formula. It is one that promises to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits for the people of Québec.  Collaboration is required to achieve our green ICT objectives – and create a prosperous, sustainable future for many generations to come.  We all have a stake in this opportunity.

After all… we are all part of the Equation.