Although we face major economic, social and environmental challenges as a society, green ICTs offer powerful solutions. Our energy is clean and our future is green.  Beginning today, we are building the sustainable Québec of tomorrow.

With an eye to 2020, Quebec has adopted one of the most ambitious greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reduction targets in North America: 20% below the 1990 level.

To reach this goal, many policies and projects have been launched.

Equation, the rallying Green ITC project, continues this momentum. All the initiatives led by Equation’s industrial partners will contribute to reducing GHG emissions in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

Concrete applications in the major GHG-emitting sector

The projects developed by Equation’s member partners will have applications in many GHG-emitting sectors, such as transportation, industry, construction, and energy production. These sectors alone account for more than 70% of GHG emissions.


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Quebec’s reduction goals are ambitious, but achievable, thanks in part to innovative initiatives such as Equation and thanks, as well, to other specific factors, such as hydroelectricity. Several years ago, we made a wise choice to use the power of water to produce energy, a method that has a low impact on the environment and climate compared to other traditional sources of electricity production.

Today, this strategic advantage is part of the Equation