Mobilizing Québec’s ICT Community for a Prosperous, Green Future

Québec’s Research and Innovation Strategy (QRIS) for 2010-2013 is built on five key strategies that aim to strengthen the economic, social and environmental fabric of Québec. It strives to foster:

  • More competitive and internationally-recognized research;
  • Greater entrepreneurship across the province;
  • Increased productivity and competitiveness through innovation;
  • Improved governance of research and innovation investments; and
  • Collaboration among industry, academia and government on major innovation projects.

This fifth strategy is an essential element in Québec’s innovation equation.  It seeks to:

  • Accelerate innovation and provide companies with a greater competitive edge in high-growth global markets;
  • Increase R&D cooperation among well-established companies, SMEs and researchers, and foster a culture of open innovation; and
  • Contribute to the development of a green economy.

The Equation Project directly addresses these objectives. It facilitates high-value partnerships that mobilize multinationals, SMEs, entrepreneurs and university researchers on collaborative projects to accelerate the development, commercialization and adoption of green technologies.

These collaborations benefit all participants as they:

  • Combine the complementary strengths and resources of all contributors, expanding their R&D capacity and enabling them to do more together;
  • Bring interdisciplinary know-how to bear to solve specific technical and business challenges, helping them to apply key outcomes and insights to other R&D initiatives;
  • Share the costs of R&D, enable them to undertake high risk/high reward initiatives that might otherwise not be possible; and
  • Establish new relationships that often open-up new research, business development and market opportunities.

In our current economic climate, companies are constantly challenged to generate new ideas and technologies, and to find the talent and capital to bring them to market. Increasingly, companies must engage in collaborative R&D to succeed in business—and they require highly effective ways to connect with compatible partners from concept to commercialization.  In Québec, Prompt facilitates highly productive industry-academic R&D partnerships.

And as Equation’s Project Coordinator, Prompt is helping to mobilize many ICT players across Québec on green ICT projects – from telco clouds to smart grids, green technologies and applications.

Let us introduce you to the green ICT innovators who are working together on the Equation Project to create a more prosperous, interconnected and sustainable Québec.